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The Connemara Pony

The connemara is an old “Mountain and Moorland” breed native to the Connaught region of Ireland and is a descendant of the Celtic pony, one of the early primitive breeds of Europe. They have been shaped by their environment which is wild, boggy and very wet. it has been exposed to a wide range of breeds, including being a distant relation to the well-known Lesotho pony breed, the Basotho pony through exposure to Barb blood. They are tough, intelligent with great stamina and have good bone and hard feet.

The connemara has proved itself to be one of the best pony breeds in the world with the Breeders Society being formed in 1923 and since that time has worked hard to maintain the commendable characteristics of the breed. They have a wonderful temperament being an easy-going social breed excelling as an ideal child’s pony. They are not known for their beauty but for their talent, competing at the highest levels in show jumping, dressage, eventing, working hunter pony and competitive driving. They are naturally athletic and agile, but quiet and calm to ride.
Originally they were characterized by their dun colour with black dorsal stripe and black points. Nowadays, however they are often bay or brown and range in height from between 13hh and 14.2hh.

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