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Christine Walwyn

2018 saw the sad passing of Christine Walwyn.

On 14 November Christine passed away after her long battle with Cancer. Christine has left a lasting legacy for the Connemara Ponies in South Africa.  With her 4 foundation Ponies in 1979 to the wealth of ponies competing today, and the formation of the Connemara Pony Society of Southern Africa. She has been an inspiration to many people with her incredible knowledge of horses and her never ending energy. Even in her last years, being as active as ever and recently achieving her sailing certification.

Up until recently she was still riding her beloved Connemara Pony.

She will be sorely missed and will leave a huge gap in the lives of all involved with her and our Connemara’s.  She is a true icon and inspiration to all.

Thank you, Christine, for all the wonderful years, and thank you for your contribution to our beautiful breed. RIP